A new insulation material is practically weightless yet still durable

16 Mar 2019

The porous aerogel is at least 99 percent open space, with the rest made up of an atomically...

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Automakers and smartphone manufacturers to collaborate

21 Jun 2018

The switch from physical keys to wireless key fobs has added great convenience for drivers...

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China Quantum-Key

19 Jan 2018

China has the quantum technology to perfectly encrypt useful signals over distance far vaster..

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Aid Hurricane Research

28 Jul 2017

Researchers are developing a tiny, gliding drone that can be dropped from airplanes..

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Toyota and NTT on connected car

28 Mar 2017

Toyota and NTT are teaming up to work on connected vehicle technology.

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Amazon reveals plans for drone

10 Jan 2017

A new automated, flying ambulance completed its first solo flight, offering a potential solution for challenging..

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Flying Robotic Ambulance to Complete First Flight

2 Dec 2016

AMAZON is developing a mega-drone made up of several smaller flying machines.

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Google's Android Auto to roll out 'for every car'

08 Nov 2016

In-car technology is becoming the norm in almost every new model that’s arriving on the scene for 2017 and beyond. The problem with...

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