As businesses continue to evolve, the volume of information grows exponentially and with heterogeneous silos, managing it becomes difficult. Enterprises face major challenges in making “real time decisions” on massive volumes of data. Data warehousing and marts address these challenges by unearthing the hidden value in information assets to facilitate informed decisions.

At Skillzone, we help you to standardize your data warehousing process in order to align it with your business goals. Our expertise can help you understand your business drivers and also how to organize data collection surrounding these drivers. This enables useful and consistent information availability about the enterprise and its business, hence becoming a significant instrument for driving growth and improved decision making.

Skillzone Engineering Solutions brings together IoT and Big Data to help solve business issues and provide options for better monitoring and service of intelligent applications. Companies are collecting more and more data on their businesses in order to better monitor equipment, assets, and products.

Big Data is used for fleet management, tracking driver behavior, improving service, reducing warranty,and monitoring overall usage to develop better marketing and sales information.


Virtualization represents one of the biggest opportunities for a growing company to significantly reduce technology costs — and you can do it while modernizing your infrastructure and greatly streamlining your operation.

SKillzone virtualization Approach uses current best practices and methodologies that will substantially reduce the risk associated with implementing a virtualization strategy. This approach provides an end-to-end view of your virtualization from strategic planning to implementation, management, and maintenance by:

Performing readiness and infrastructure maturity assessments
Developing a strategy and plan regarding the most efficient way to reduce server sprawl and energy cost
Creation of a roadmap and architecture that will help transform and optimize IT infrastructure
Analyze and recommend virtualization approaches, software tools, and licensing strategies
Providing the necessary expertise to help successfully execute the virtualization strategies collaboratively
Utilize our Agile development approach to rapidly implement virtualization projects

Data mining tools are being extensively used across diverse sectors and industries like Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc. to recognize significant patterns, trends, relationships, and exceptions, and make better business decisions.

Accurately interpreting data leads to informed business decisions, improved processes, better quality, and enhanced customer satisfaction. If your organization has large amounts of raw data, but not enough resources nor the technical know-how to extract valuable information from it, Skillzone Data Mining services can help.


Continuous and exponential data accumulation and overload from varied channels creates complexities in storing and extracting actionable business insights. The complexity of big data therefore goes beyond its big size. Its focus is on analysis and interpretation / extracting actionable business insights for accelerating business performance and benefits.

Skillzone delivers data engineering solutions and services, which efficiently and comprehensively address the data challenges in your organization. Our Data engineering solutions enable companies to design, build and support all the data-driven processes.


The challenges in the Banking & Finance services sector includes the need to address stringent governing & compliance norms, increasingly commoditized nature of finance products and services, and challenges in controlling operational costs.



Our highly trained team provides our clients from private sector with cutting edge expertise and unsurpassed experience securing information systems, networks and enterprise systems from a continuously evolving threat environment.



Integrating legacy systems with new generation systems is a considerable challenge for most businesses. Skillone’s Integration services analyze how best to deploy and integrate your next-generation software products and applications



Our experience in providing end-to-end system expertise on complex embedded electronics systems, offering both consulting and solutions around system engineering, stretches over a decade. Our services in the system engineering space include a unique value proposition, bringing specialized expertise to the table.

In the requirement engineering offering, we take complete ownership in understanding customer / user needs, requirement capture, requirement analysis, and validation. In architecture design support, we extend broad views, considering all aspects such as use cases, functionalities, and critical-to-quality aspects. Furthermore, we have expertise across engineering layers with embedded OS, drivers, protocols, and applications.


Market realities continue to reshape the media and entertainment industry: Technology platforms are evolving rapidly, new business models are emerging, consumer viewing habits are changing and new competition is arising from multiple sectors.

Skillzone’s deep media consulting experience helps media and entertainment companies to adapt the realities of the digital age, breaking new ground to simplify operations, better understand consumers, provide content effectively.

Changing consumer behavior, rising expectations and disruptive new video services streamed over multiple devices are changing the dynamics of the broadcasting industry. With a majority of TV viewers also subscribing to Catch-up TV, video-on-demand and other such streamed services, Over-the-Top TV (OTT-TV) service providers face new business imperatives. For many of them, the need for scalability and flexibility will require a dramatic change in the way they approach content distribution, while keeping cost factors in check.

Skillzone analyzes the video consumption patterns, current and next-generation distribution models to recommend strategies that can help Over-the-Top TV service providers to differentiate and deliver high-quality video services to consumers at favorable costs.

At the intersection of the television and the Internet stands a whole new kind of consumer today. Uber-connected and empowered by technologies that are evolving by the nanosecond, this new avatar demands greater personalization and choice across a range of form factors.


In today’s competitive and dynamic gaming market, operators need a provider that will be able to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to run a thriving offering . Skillzone is able to offer a turnkey solution for all platforms by supplying product design, operational management, internal and external marketing, fully customisable applications and technical support.

Skillzone delivers material value and expertise to licensees across the key elements of player acquisition and retention, together with the opportunity to realise substantial cost efficiencies through the outsourcing of operational services, which benefit from economies of scale.

For new operators preparing to enter highly competitive online regulated markets, Skillzone solution levels the playing field and brings over a decade of expertise to bear on their behalf, including access to some of the most powerful marketing affiliates in the industry.