Skillzone offers a wide range of expertise for R&D. Our experts can be involved in the analysis of customer requirements in order to fully and clearly define the scope of work. This helps our clients defining the different solutions, technical options and business models which can match with their expectations.

We offer multidisciplinary engineering support services including engineering and stress analysis, design and detailing, 3D modeling, as-building, design validity checks, model conversion, data conversion, and information management for operation and maintenance.

Through a wide range of services that includes requirements analyses, case studies and technology consulting, we help companies select, introduce, adapt, troubleshoot and optimize this products and localize technologies by providing support during all the life cycle phases.


Skillzone provides professional engineers working onsite at client facilities under direct management of clients.

Engineers are assigned to augment client project teams for both short and long term assignments depending on the needs of clients. Currently, Skillzone has this model employed in a variety of industries including Consumer electronics, Telecommunication, Information Systems, Transportation and Energy.

Organizations are looking for new ways to bring flexibility and cut development costs while increasing scalability. Skillzone delivers cost reductions and scalability improvements and goes one step further. We work to improve productivity through automation and industrialization for development, integration and testing phases.
Combined with our offshore testing services and flexible model, Skillzone’s approach can reduce the cost, bring a real flexibility and a worldwide coverage for your Field test request.


From our experiences from various industrial projects in a variety of systems and applications, a good understanding and a systematic treatment of requirements are critical to project success.

Skillzone organises internally and through partners engineering trainings for its clients in engineering domain. Domain are as wide as software agile, design quality, process. In various client projects we could reduce the cost of rework from insufficient requirements by up to 35%.

Skillzone supports his clients in requirements engineering from specification, system architecture, component design, to the system validation.


The Skillzone product development team provides mechanical, electronic, software engineering, product design, industrial design, and simulation analysis services to help our clients realize their products. We provide the right expertise and headcount to help our clients meet their product development goals and project deadlines.


A business enterprise owes its existence to continuous value creation resulting in better customer experiences. Product life cycle management (PLM) at a conceptual level deals with the enhancement of the ‘creation’ processes for product / services or design of production processes, across the enterprise.

Skillzone Product Life Cycle Management Services contain a holistic view of the creation processes within an organization and invest in thought leadership and implementation of those concepts through enablement of those processes.