High costs and healthcare reform mandates demand transformation from the healthcare community. Responding to this unprecedented change and achieving high performance means using knowledge in new ways, from the back office to the doctor’s office—to help our clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare with Insight Driven Health.

Skillzone provides a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and R&D services to medical device manufacturers ie new product introduction, value analysis, value engineering, continuity and end-of-life engineering services.

With capabilities in electrical engineering, software design, mechanical engineering, and application software, Skillzone is a suipports you for all your medical technology and device engineering needs.


Medical imaging costs and complexities are rising and the use of digital medical images is growing. A shortage of radiologists, intensifying patient demands, accelerating data storage requirements and aging internal technical infrastructures all point toward the need for more cost-effective, scalable and high-quality solutions for medical image storage, retrieval and diagnostics.

Through our experience in software engineering and reengineering and sustenance of legacy applications across multiple imaging modalities like CT, PET-CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography, X-Ray and Neuronavigation; we help clients keep pace with rapid advances in imaging technology

The key to success when it comes to medical imaging is to manage the larger ecosystem of a radiology solution across the entire workflow: from patient to specialist to hospital system to technical storage and access environment—all in the interest of improving patient care at reduced cost. Benefits across the medical imaging ecosystem may be widespread, ranging from reduced human resources and training costs because of access-on-demand reporting to tools that provide flexibility in managing workload. Patients may benefit from decreased wait times for results; improved quality of care by having access to radiologists; or an increased range of services at local institutions.

SkillZone Connected Health Services combine extensive business and clinical insights to deliver operational models and technology systems - including Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges. With its market leading product and services, Skillzone is filling the gap for providing technology oriented, affordable and value based care. We achieve this by leveraging connected interoperable healthcare devices, connected platform, Data & analytics, and self diagnostic connected infrastructure to securely deliver Connected Healthcare-as-a-service.


The medical device industry is witnessing changes due to evolving regulations and technology advancements, globalization, and an uncertain macroeconomic climate. Cloud-based service delivery and mobile applications for providers mark an unprecedented seismic shift in patient care from appointment-based, facility-focused interactions, to a 24/7, always-in-touch, mobile, self-monitoring, and personalized model, leading to remote monitoring treatment.


In the high-stakes world of pharmaceutical and biotechnology engineering, precision and innovation are key to developing essential healthcare solutions and keeping pace with a fiercely competitive industry. We deliver customized, single-source solutions complemented by a thorough understanding of international standards and the global market. Our engineering services range from designing highly specific systems to building major manufacturing facilities for essential drugs. On the production side, we assist clients with everything from research and development to manufacturing, packaging and distribution of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals.


Individuals are already embracing wireless tracking devices like FitBit or the Apple Watch that enable them to collect and act upon some of their own health data.

But a digital medical revolution — enabled by connectivity, big data, and analytics — will go far beyond simply monitoring whether we got our full eight hours the night before or how we’re are performing against fitness goals.

These consumer tech trends offer a glimpse of what is possible when we employ sensors to gather real-time data on the complex and delicate machine that is the human body and deliver that information to our healthcare providers.