The aerospace and defense industry is looking to acquire speed, flexibility and precision. As deregulation, globalization and military transformation create a new set of industry challenges, Skillzone enables aerospace and defense companies to improve performance through our tailored solutions.

Aerospace is one of the most demanding industries of all. When there are lives at stake, quality cannot be left to chance. Backed by a strong reputation for accuracy and reliability, Skillzone has been working with leading aeronautics companies for years.

We are a high-performance and trustworthy provider for aeronautics engineering services that can be used for many applications, including quality control/inspection, aerodynamics/stress analysis, FEM, OEM and legacy part reengineering, reverse engineering (assembly/MRO, gas turbines, engine bays, nacelles, cockpits), MRO and damage assessment, prototypes, tooling and mold adjustment, and design and engineering of aircraft components.

Engineering is a complex and expensive activity that has always been at the heart of the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. But in recent years, it has become harder to bring the right engineering capabilities to bear in the right place at the right time, as the industry has faced up to mounting challenges ranging from talent shortages to offset requirements, and from cost pressures to an aging workforce.


In modern aircrafts embedded systems find their place everywhere from nose to tail. Examples include Flight data recorders, internal/external video surveillance system, flight management systems, various sensor systems, engine control systems and many more.

Skillzone can propose simple solutions in fields where it holds confirmed expertise on the market of embedded aeronautical systems (aeroplanes, helicopters).

Thanks to our experience, recognised by the leading equipment and other manufacturers, we can propose the unit development of computers or design multi-computer architectures for the embedded electronic systems market, define requirements with recognised expertise in the field of multiplexing.

We also design hardware and software for your products according to your specifications, study the distribution of functions between computers, select the appropriate protocol depending on the environment and specific limitations, conduct FMECA, fault-tree analysis, operating safety and reliability studies, design test benches, methodologies and traceability software.

Trends have seen Aerospacei & Defence companies across the world buy a growing range and volume of engineering services from external providers, as a way to gain cost-effective access to the skills and capacity they need. But to date, many questions about the industry’s sourcing of engineering services have remained unanswered.


The aviation operations are increasingly data driven and consequently dependent on accurate and timely aeronautical information exchange. ATM/CNS is increasingly based on a networked and interoperable information sharing infrastructure, including the aircraft.

Airborne computer-based navigation systems, including Global Navigation Satellite Systems, are all data-dependent, and in that respect aeronautical data has become the necessary critical component of the system. Consequently, corrupt or erroneous aeronautical data can potentially affect the safety of air navigation. Skillzone provides fully customizable, reliable and innovative solutions paving the way to the AIM goal: The right digital Aeronautical Information, at the right place, at the right time.


We work with the aviation and aerospace industry to produce and continually improve safe and reliable products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory authority requirements, on time and at a reasonable cost. . Quality, reliability and safety are critical values for the aerospace industry.
Our services can help your organization enhance customer satisfaction, meet regulatory, safety and reliability requirements, and ensure consistency of quality throughout the supply chain.


With current collaborative product development environment, enterprises around the world use a complex, heterogeneous set of applications for Product design, analysis and manufacturing. PLM acts as a backbone for managing data throughout the life cycle of product development and support as a knowledge base for the complete program.

We provide end-to-end design and engineering solutions ranging from new product development and introduction, technical documentation, and engineering design and analysis, to support for technical infrastructure such as product lifecycle management (PLM) and computer aided design (CAD) tool customization.