Civil engineering services is a vast domain covering planning, designing and construction of infrastructure such as commercial and residential buildings; transportation infrastructure including roads, bridges, railways; water distribution systems such as dams, canals, sanitation; environmental infrastructure like landscaping, city planning, parks; industrial infrastructure; construction management; construction engineering and a lot more.

With tremendous growth of economy all over the world, there is a need to implement cost-effective, yet efficient civil engineering and construction engineering practices in order to meet the mounting needs while meeting budget and time constraints.

In providing our services, we adopt a holistic approach that includes; design, project management, construction, maintenance and decommissioning of structures and buildings.


Skillzone provides a variety of services for the unique and constantly changing world of site engineering and land development.

We provide design and planning services for residential, retail, industrial, and institutional facilities including site master planning, storm water detention and treatment, sanitary system design, utilities and traffic impact analysis.

Management and enforcement services are delivered through the planning, engineering, zoning and construction. Each unit, operating independently, and responsible to a board overseeing it's activities, provides developers with the cooperation and direction they need to responsibly manage their projects.

Health and Safety is at the heart of our engineering services as we recognise the risks and hazards of the industries we operate in. We have an established record of providing safe design, execution and demolition consultancy services for engineering structures and we continue to strive to achieve higher standards of safety in partnership with our customers.


When beginning a new construction project, one of the first things that has to occur are introductory analyses, called Site Feasibility Studies. These studies are especially important on large, complex projects and especially if there is any doubt that the development could or should be completed.

Feasibility studies tell the engineer whether the plan is sustainable and may offer insight into other options or ways to get the project completed as planned. Sometimes an environmental study must be fulfilled in order for the project to be in compliance with local environmental standards.


Skillzone civil engineering and construction services extend from single activities to end-to-end support of your construction projects for new and existing structures. Our on-site solutions ensure a project’s compliance to prevailing national and international regulations for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


In an industry where safety and compliance are increasingly becoming the focal point of an organization, customers count on Skillzone inspection services to provide access to certified professionals who are committed to maintaining partnerships that garner trust.

Whether it is implementing a risk based inspection program, managing a turnaround or simply maintaining day to day compliance inspections, our services provide clients with the cost effective, high quality, value added services that will only be realized through continued commitment to safety, skills training and proficiency, experience, and cooperation.