Skillzone offers a full range of industry leading engineering services. As one of our core capabilities,Skillzone’s engineering service group will create the right solutions for your existing and future telecom needs.

Skillzone's telecom engineering solutions span multiple wireless and broadband technologies including CDMA, UMTS, LTE, GSM, WiFi, and WiMAX voice and data networks.

Launching differentiated products quickly and cost effectively, and sustaining existing products profitably are critical to an organization’s success. Rapidly emerging technological trends such as digitization, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and cloud have created opportunities to deploy innovative new products and connect existing ones. As an experienced partner, Skillzone offers telecommunications players optimized and ready to integrate solution accelerators for a new product or service launch.


We offer a full range of services addressing everything from technology deployment, network transformation, and network optimization in order to assure an optimal user experience and operator profitability.

Our Network Design and Optimization (NDO) services is a key ingredient in ensuring your networks are able to handle the high level of data traffic brought on by this user behavior while maintaining service quality and user experience.

We have global capabilities to deliver value-added services in NDO with our highly skilled professionals and a complete portfolio of services and tools. These full range of services address everything from technology deployment, network transformation, and network optimization in order to assure an optimal end user experience and operator profitability.

End-user experience as well as network performance is measured and analyzed. The network configurations are optimized to improve End-user experience and maximize asset utilization.

Operators optimize their networks for data, which long ago surpassed voice traffic. But the new reality is not just data, it’s apps. And the biggest driver of smartphone customer loyalty is network performance. In this environment, your network performance KPIs need to capture your customers’ in-app experience.


Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have become more sophisticated over the years to include enhanced telephony signaling and lighting systems. We provide a full range of services that complement our transportation offering and add value to our end client.

It is a dynamic industry with ever evolving technology, services, and operational approaches. The breadth of our involvement in emerging ITS technologies allows our clients to access a pool of expertise and maximize the potential of these solutions.

Skillzone supports its client in this domain for the traffic management, traveler information, incident manement and performance measurement.


Software Networks address the fact that the static architecture of conventional networks is ill-suited to the dynamic computing and storage needs of today’s data centers, campuses, and carrier environments. Skillzone is supporting its client in this change to help them make their services and networks more responsive to changing market conditions.


Telecommunications infrastructure services provide setup, maintenance and consulting for data and voice communications technologies. Services include optical fiber installation, cell tower site location, radio antenna testing, and the installation standard phone equipment and data networks.

We offer a complete range of telecom services, that include world-class passive Telecom Infrastructure, Telecom Network Planning, Design and Operations & Maintenance services.

Skillzone is a leading telecom infrastructure and engineering services provider including Project Management, Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering, Telecom Tower Design & Supply, Telecom Shelters, Engineering Constructions & Projects, Engineering Services and Operations & Maintenance.