As a complex and performing market, railway remains an innovative industry where Skillzone accompany its clients in each step of their value chain. With specialized consultants and strong solutions in engineering and critical systems, in information systems and management consulting, Skillzone remains your key partner to innovate and perform.

Skillzone skills encompass every element of rail engineering from high-level planning to detailed design and specialist expertise in signalling and track design (permanent way), power and operations.

Innovation in rail contends with the constraints of stringent regulation, finite budgets and challenging environments, from crowded cities to delicate ecosystems. But Skillzone’s creative culture pushes us to find solutions that overcome limitations.

We accommodated longer trains and more frequent services by compressing the signalling and track layout. Our intricate design was so novel that it required us to develop a new crossing and switches unit to make it work, and to test our ideas using 3D modelling.

We also exceeded our client’s expectations in several projects. We increased freight capacity with reconfigured track and signalling design and new controls technology. Using operational and timetabling analysis, we also shortened delivery time.


Our Rail Signal Design and Engineering Services are focused on design work of new and existing signaling platforms, legacy relay based and electronic systems, existing switch machines and more.

Our engineering Services focus on signal design work on existing platforms like VHLC, ElectroLogIXS, VPI, Microlock II, GEO, legacy relay based systems, existing switch machines, etc. Design changes, layout changes, PTC integration, elimination of old technology, are just a few of the services we provide.

Since Rail Signal Engineering is such a knowledge-based discipline, United Rail ensures that all entry-level and mid-career engineers are teamed with senior staff to implement projects with guidance. It has long been our experience that this approach is the best way provide mentorship from generation to generation. We also know that increasing domain knowledge is one of the most important aspects of employee retention. Along with an excellent working environment that fosters teamwork and knowledge transfer, are the real keys to team-building a successful practice.

Complementarities of offers, historic expertise in safety and signalling lead key players from operators to global manufacturers to rely on us.


Our objective is to accompany key clients in their challenges of tomorrow: environmental stakes, safety and innovation in more services to the passengers with one of our best value: international cooperation.

Skillzone has expertise designing systems with Safety Integrity Level functions. We have developed systems up to SIL-4 for various safety functions, including speed measurement, temperature measurement and door operation.


Skillzone's traction power capabilities include system planning, computer modeling and simulation, development of design criteria and specifications, electrical and hardware layout drawings, construction management, design review, support for acceptance testing and warranty supervision.


Through the project implementation lifecycle, our services including safety, project management, engineering and technical resources as well as installation, testing and commissioning of the solutions. Where required, we manage and take responsibility for the civil works requirements executed by subcontracted partners.

The overall process on site is executed with our continued focus on safety, quality and timeous project execution, culminating in acceptance testing, overall system testing and commissioning against rigorous test procedures.

We understand the specific installation requirements and ensure that our site works are executed within the time, budget, logistical and environmental constraints of the railway.