Energy companies find themselves in a complicated and evolving landscape facing challenges such as skill and talent shortages, cost pressures and the need to invest in new technologies. SkillZone’s Energy industry group helps organizations achieve high performance in this changing environment through a wide and differentiated range of services and solutions that span the entire energy value chain.

This sector, which typically includes oil and gas, solar, tidal, and wind, is the epicenter of all action owing to its ability to drive industrial revolutions and stir the social, economic, and political landscapes worldwide.

Faced to myriad challenges like aging infrastructure, scarcity of conventional energy resources, increasing operational costs, and the need to ensure timely compliance with stringent regulations, industry players are looking to leverage digital technologies like mobility, cloud computing, robotics, and analytics to effectively manage market expectations and pricing pressures, improve asset and risk management capabilities, and harness renewable energy sources to meet the ever-increasing global demand.


Our energy experts increase efficiency, ensure reliability and provide sustainable solutions for our clients. We understand that energy requirements vary around the world, and are proud to bring power to developing communities.

The foundation of our energy and sustainable water infrastructure expertise stems from our long experience of planning, design, program and construction management, and responsible design and development of conventional and pumped storage hydropower facilities.

Skillzone also has an established track record of delivering a wide range of energy efficient solutions and innovative renewable energy engineering projects, including solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, biogas and waste-to-energy.

To help our clients in the upstream energy industry deliver high performance in the face of challenges, the SkillZone Energy industry group has developed a suite of services, all grounded in our analysis of industry trends and ongoing proprietary research. Designed to help upstream businesses deliver high performance, these services include operational excellence, integrated oilfield solutions, offshore decommissioning, IT services excellence, shared services.


Skillzone provides multi-disciplinary engineering services for the Nuclear Energy Industry, with a special focus on services for boiling water reactors and pressurized water reactors.

Skillzone engineers have expertise in mechanical, civil, chemical, metallurgical, corrosion, structural, welding, and project management engineering. These resources can solve many of your research, technology development, plant operations and maintenance project needs.

We are supporting our clients on several ongoing projects to ensure site surveys, detailed engineering study, planning & scheduling, materials specifications, , logistics, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.


As demand for energy continues to increase, end-users require reliable, cost-effective electrical power. Skillzone supports power utilities, manufacturers and authorities in their efforts to deliver effective power solutions to industrial, commercial and residential environments.
With a combination of services ranging from testing, inspection and certification all the way through engineering and environmental advisory, Skillzone drives safety, quality and efficiency throughout the entire Transmission & Distribution lifecycle.

Transmission & Distribution Equipment are connected to the electrical grid and encompasses everything from Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, to LV switchgear assemblies through MV transformers, to high voltage substations and overhead lines.


We are a leading provider of design/build, and construction services throughout the upstream, midstream and downstream supply chains, and we have established long-term relationships with some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

Skillzone personnel are experienced in the entire suite of produced (associated) water management options, including injection and disposal wells; off-loading and conveyance facilities; storage systems and impoundments; and treatment including removal of hydrocarbons, solids, soluble organics and/or total dissolved solids to allow for reuse or discharge.