Our Technical Services Division provides technical expertise through our broad-ranging knowledge to deliver practical advice and solutions which translate into real value. We work closely with system engineering professionals to understand their clients operational and business requirements and align on objectives based upon this and optimising asset value.

Our Technical Management Consultancy advises on the engineering services aspects of building sytems entailing auditing of technical/contractual and regulatory compliance; ongoing performance management and ultimately delivering value for money. This is often preceded by the specification, procurement and mobilisation of engineering maintenance contracts.


Skillzone technical security audits will provide you with the answers and recommendations you need to improve your security posture and protect your organization’s most valuable assets. Technical security audits detect the vulnerabilities that can be used by unauthorized users and uncover the weaknesses of your organization’s security processes.

They are carried by our certified security consultants (ethical hackers) who simulate attacks by using the same techniques as a malicious attacker. The objective of such an audit is to evaluate if your organization’s informational structure can be easily accessed without authorization or not.

Although too often neglected, structural design is frequently the key factor that affects certification costs the most. Costs can quickly rise when the design barely meets the applicable standards. Our experts at Skillzone will suggest ppractical and structurally superior modifications, that also will be easily applicable for manufacturing.


Most products are subject to certification standards, whether to meet laws and safety rules or simply to allow their marketing. We offer services and analysis for applications requiring advanced finite element methods for certification steps.

We carry out tests, conduct audits and prepare detailed reports on whether an item meets the design specification prior to being put into service.


Skillzone consultants work with you to customize the audit approach to meet your organization’s in-house requirements and procedures. If you haven’t developed your own auditing requirements or are looking for ways to improve current practices, we are more than happy to work with you to assess your needs and develop an appropriate audit strategy.


Skillzone supplier evaluation and selection process can be a critical part of product and process improvement, whether you are searching for sources or providing services and materials. Determining reliability and integration into the cost model, as well as mission-specific selection criteria, suitable sources in your supply chain are of paramount importance to your success.

We have the experience to help alternate suppliers qualify their product to the manufacturer /end user. Skillzone can help the manufacturer improve supplier-sources and production efficiency.

This is where Skillzone can assist in making sure the alternate source part meets the standards imposed on the OEM. Our large structures lab combined with a full dimensional and metallurgical lab can efficiently evaluate parts for alternate suppliers as well and end users.